AI Risk Assessment Improves Outcomes and Reduces Readmissions

Designed by Surgeons, Industry Experts, Registered Dietitians, and Behavioral Psychologists, Healent was created to improve processes, increase efficiency, and complement the doctors and nurses on a daily basis in their interaction and service to their patients both in the hospital setting and remotely.



Built-in education program that informs patients about each step of the surgical process.



Built in asynchronous messaging and telehealth capabilities put all your communication in one place.



Customizable platform to monitor and measure those metrics relevant to your practices.



Specially designed customizable care protocols automate and optimize the process of delivering care to patients in a way that is most effective for their needs.

For many, prehab and rehab are impossible tasks. Healent simplifies that process by enabling communication, selfcare, measurement and engagement with patients in every step of the care cycle.

The Healent Advantage


Mitigate Risk of Adverse Outcomes

Obesity, Diabetes, Smoking, and Hypertension, are leading modifiable risk factors shown to affect postoperative complications. Addressing these factors pre-operatively increases the likelihood of a successful surgical outcome and reduces the incidence of incomplete recoveries or follow-up procedures.

Increase Surgical Qualification

Many health conditions affect an individual's ability to qualify for surgery. For elective procedures, we provide a customized health plan that works to achieve the health goal outlined by the physician.


Increase Efficiency and Improve Quality

Enhance doctor-patient relationships without adding burden to your staff and clinic, just improve the likelihood of optimal results. We are here to serve one purpose: to deliver care driven by the patient's needs, goals, and values. By using proven behavioral science methods, patients will be more engaged and motivated, and, most importantly, their surgical outcomes more successful.

Reduce Unplanned Costs

As an end-to-end solution, we curate a nutritional and wellness approach, monitoring compliance, and delivering automatic interventions based on patient behavior. As a result, we can help you reduce hospital stays and lower overall costs.


Flexible Deployment.

Every health care system has its own needs. We offer flexible, customizable solutions to meet your needs.


Patient Referral

Refer your patients to Healent and our credentialed providers will guide them.


Self Branding

Integrate Healent Health with your existing EMR or leverage it independently.



We remain on stand-by and make our expert providers available when needed.