Industry Leading Telehealth

Healent has taken the scattered state of telehealth and worked directly with our doctors and nurses to identify the most necessary and valuable features to get your remote care operations up and running quickly.

meet provider

Free Video Appointments

Meet your patients where they are - literally. Our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform uses the best technology to deliver seamless and secure communication options.

5M+ Data points

EHR/EMR Integration

Healent seamlessly integrates with leading EHR and EMR platforms so you can easily manage and maintain scheduling, billing and communication with your existing and new patients all in one place.

behavior modeling

Device agnostic

Patient demographics are the most varied of any industry. Healent is adaptable to varied patient profiles. UsingAny tablet, mobile device, or desktop, doctors and patients can connect with just one click.

multidimensional coaching

screen sharing

The current state of telehealth means more than just virtual appoitments where you can see your patients. Showing a patient key information, diagnostic information, or their charts/xrays during a call is critical to delivering the enhanced remote care experience of the 21st century.


Note Taking

Doctors take notes in every step of their process in every practice. We have built in the ability to efficiently take notes during your video calls that will save directly into a patient’s profile so you never miss a step.

nutrition and wellness

No Download Required

There is no patient app download required. Healent can register your practice signed with our platform, and its robust suite of features, enabling you to securely deliver care to your patients ASAP.

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